Lost Boy

To the One that’s Lost,

I hope life is treating you well. I hope its embrace feels tender, warm, and secure. I wish that its occasionally harsh grasp will not deter you from succeeding in all the ventures you’ve chosen. The ones I’m not allowed in. I do hope, with the purest ounces of my heart, that you find happiness in all things you hadn’t seen in me.

I know it’s quite conflicting when you’re lost, to be so desperate for a path you believe everyone else is already on. I know how challenging it is, to lose yourself in the sea of life–not minding your words even when your hand tightens its hold on the promise. I hope, that wherever you are, you’re thinking of me; solely for the purpose that I am thinking of you.

A broken heart is not mended by thought, but stitched together by the very thread of hope that never ceases. It is a feeling–not an idea–that love can be found again.

And that is why I think of you.

It is not because I may find find your love once more or that I may be beckoned like a feathered creature to the night by the sight of you. Though the mere nostalgia of your brewed irises that held the very crystalline glimmer of the stars within them, does tempt me and remind of your existence in this vast world. 

But we lost each other when we lost ourselves. You were always missing, whilst I believed I’d found you, despite knowing that a boy who is blind to his own reflection is sightless to the woman that could make his pupils grow.

I think of you because I believe in love again. And though you taught me how it is to lose such a vibrant feeling within a soul of gold tainted by wisps of midnight, you also taught me in your absence, that time truly does heal.

I wish you happiness, some kindness, and a bit of a courage. I hope you keep faith. And I send my love to you, for I have plenty for myself.

Good luck, my once upon a friend. You truly were something special even if you didn’t know it. Maybe just maybe, we weren’t the blind leading the blind, but rather two souls too brilliant for own bodies to understand.

With love,

The One that’s Found. 


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