There comes a time when you push with all your might, for dreams that no one thought you could achieve. Those looks of doubt, those days where funds were too low to fuel what I desired…those are the days I pushed through the hardest.

I am a writer. I believe in nothing more than my innate ability to concoct what my heart desires to pronounce. I have uprooted the saplings of doubt within my own family, whose cultural beliefs had once sustained myself to be a naive dreamer. I have withstood it all, simply to become something greater than what the world perceives a young brown girl to be.

I got into a top University and conducted studies at the oldest. I’m published in a collection of art journals. I have a manuscript nearing completion. And I still struggle with the means of accomplishing these endeavors, but I’m pulling through nonetheless.

But it is my drive to lead and do good that allows me to thrive. I am an accomplisher of all that I believe in. I will pursue any endeavor I set my heart to, because I understand the feeling of losing yourself to society’s expectations. I’ve understood from a second of doubt, what my world would be like if I stopped being unique—if I ceased to be me.

I believe that I can change this world with my words and my education; and even when reality set in, I still believe it. I will never cease to pursue what makes my life worth living. 

-Kiran Bains Sahota

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  1. Sonia says:

    Kirany your writing is beautiful….you are just amazing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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