I too have loved the stars–

Strewn across that velvet black

Where cool shades mix like marbled art

Where hearts get lost and don’t come back


I’ve run through forests almost blind

Through leaves of stippled dew–

Over gnarled roots and twisted pine

To join the wolves in search of you


Those beasts with fur of billowed smoke

Had ceased their chase and chose to rest

I found the sun with pinkish glow

And went alone along the west


The clouds had peaked and I had fallen

Ankles wrapped in vines with thorns

The sun had set and taken autumn–

While winter green shed crimson warmth


I’d hit the ice without a pardon

Writhing white with no ado–

I faced the ceiling’s starry garden

And prayed that I could get to you


Drips that turned to crystal tears–

Faced gales that turned from white to beige

Sands stretched far and reached a mirror

Filled to the brim with melted rage


The pool reflected gleaming stars

And my palm was stretched to feel the heat

I yearned for paint in shades of war–

But fell in the sea with no retreat


In shattered glass I was submerged

As shards of water skimmed my skin

While glittered light of hues converged

I wondered then where you had been


Down I sank to darkest depths

That place where nothing gleams

Where marbled art becomes artless

When ripped are all the seams


My drowning ceased when I hit sand

Full of fear I could not breathe–

I had to rise by my own hand

To feel that you were gone from me


Now I don’t believe that it’s our time

Or if you will ever do–

But I know you’ll find me from your sky

As I wander far to find me too.


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