Whiskey River

Don’t Drink It.


Don’t careen on the path

Towards toxic affection

Where affliction

Rolls as waves in a river


Where the natural stream

Is where the heart’s thrum flows

Where the idleness of touch

Bows to blushed strokes


Where the amber hue

Is a glint upon ripples

Where the channel’s tides

Drag to remembrance


Don’t Drink It Again.


The tires tread

Over the asphalt lane

El Margarita road

The damn that broke


Bolstered by tongue

To flavor the devotion

Where the taste of musk

Conceals ethanol’s stench


So long an existence

To entrust such hours

To that which never valued

The exquisiteness of wine


Mountains of emerald green

Turned to ale with lightened wheat

Where rising night gave way to pulse

Felt down the rim with pouted mouths


Where Summer faded

Like diminishing dusk

To a shining glass

Left void of drink


Don’t Drink For Feeling Alone.


Distilled grain rollicking forth

To a point plagued not by emotion’s whim

Defy such fancy that feeling begs

To be consumed like lavish liquor


Parched is the straight

Where amber liquid flowed

Where drought damaged soil

Until it rained somewhere else


But that obsession

Of spirits calming spirits

Can only travel far

When ears won’t hear of lessons past learned


Can’t be clean

With imprudent wants

So take the whiskey

And take it neat


Drink Up.


Quench the thirst of dire organs

Scorched by chill of emptiness

Envelop in that squandered liking

And take the shot with eyes half-closed


That sweet amber of barley blaze

Charred white oak no more encased

Down the passage of dried terrain

Ablaze once more infernal haze


Once never touched a bottle

Where the river collects its drink

Once clasped to flesh like a shining glass

And that was all it took


The pungent odor

The empty clinks

The liquid gone

The knowing of it all


Its flow will never cease

Its toxic affection can drown the soul

Before drying drought’s affliction rises

And spirit is damned by spirit


That Drink From Whiskey River


Doesn’t It Burn?


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