I want someone who knows not of heartache’s toll

A specimen bred from unspoiled radiance

Of whom cannot give credence to the shadows

That bore shelter to a creature like me


I want someone produced from innocence

A fine soul crafted from the purest sand

And from that silk-like substance

Exists inexplicably to the cobbled dark


I want someone of an enigma no longer

A being coated in chipped chocolate molding

Not the silhouette dipped in polymer

Of which rage is the heat to rip through


I want someone who knows I can’t escape

But there is no cell to which I’m confined

Only corners of a fragile state

To which you find no burden when they’re bent


I want someone who can only see the light

When pupils of dark behold no reflection

That is the ideal for being doused in the inescapable

That the light from your heart will be able to greet mine


I want you

So that one day you’ll see

That there is not a sight more magnificent

Than a glow that shines brighter in the dark.


-Kiran Bains Sahota


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