Golden Summertime

Find me in the golden summertime

With leaves no longer brass

Follow me down along the green

Where the flowers bloom in mass


Take your palm with flesh like silk

And hold your hand in mine

With irises like the bark of oak

You’ll transcend the ache of time


I wait for you as you gaze

Upon warbling birds of song

There’s a delicate sparkle as the rays

Sprint towards the setting sun


Velvet black drapes the sky

Like the throw across my arms

Nestled in your embrace of warmth

There’s no need to feel alarmed


But as the light arose anew

And the twinkling orbs had fled

Your love and all my rapture vanished

Gone with the stars to bed


Crunches sound beneath my steps

As my eyes scroll past a hellish place

With gnarled roots and shaken firs

I search for your embrace


But only scoffing weeds grow at my feet

As if blooming hues were never there

A drought has stripped all from the land

Leaving nothing more for me to share


I cannot see the light today

I cannot be so proud

But with withered petals of brass to face

My mind is much too loud


I wake unto this blessed life

With so much more than dreams

But as I dare to rise from wake

Nothing’s as it seems


How can it be that I can’t see

What makes my spirit whole

Blessed be but I have to rest

When mind’s darkness takes it toll


I’ll wake one day and rise anew

Just as light returns to dawn

So will return the greening grass

And warbling birds of song


With mind asleep and eyes awake

I can finally search the stars

I’ll find a way back to that place

That season where you are


I hope one day your hand will find

My palm when it shies away

Just as the golden summer sun

Adores the sprint of rays


I can finally see the light today

I’ve never been more proud

After finding you my heart will say

My mind has come around


I hope that you’ll stay at my side

For with your hand ahold of mine

Blessed be we shall always be

In the splendid golden summertime


-Kiran Bains Sahota


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