The Big One- Happy Anniversary SD!

In celebration of Sunset Dahlia’s one-year anniversary, I’ve decided to answer some frequently-asked questions and allow my readers to take a glimpse of who I am and how Sunset Dahlia came to be!

Q:How do you feel about Sunset Dahlia turning a year-old?

It’s an incredible feeling, but it’s also a bit indescribable. A year and a half ago, while I was in the planning stages of the blog, I never imagined that it would gain the attention and love that it has. It took me almost six months to publicly make aware of what I had created, but all the while, I had been growing with this blooming bud. The confidence, practice and passion that followed in creating Sunset Dahlia is nothing compared to how it has radiated upon some of my readers. I can’t wait to continue on with what I love to do, and share with the world all that radiates alongside my creation. I just wanted to take some time and say thank you to the 4,000 plus readers for the support and I hope you continue on with my journey! 🙂

Q:What has challenged you as a writer?

It’s a funny complexity that follows this question. Writing is an extension of who I am, so if I’m challenged it’s holistic. At very crucial points throughout the development of Sunset Dahlia, it seemed my whole world was against me embracing myself and accepting me for realizing my dream. I think constantly facing that opposition no matter who else accepts me for who I am, has not challenged me into submission. I have strengthened my resolve to follow my passion in the midst of these challenges, and such fixation on my personal happiness has really allowed me to grow and make less of other’s judgements or unnecessary opinions. The important thing throughout it all, is to remember that this is your life and you can’t just do what makes you happy. You have be who makes you happy. Strive for this, and you’ll find that so much else is simply trivial.

Q:What’s on your schedule for upcoming works?

I have a great deal of articles and works to finish. I also have a life-changing manuscript headed for some publication talk. However, as excited as I am about one of the biggest projects of my life, I do not want to disclose any information before its release as a precaution to the beginning stages of my career. I will say that it is Young Adult fiction, and really delves into the mindset of the protagonist—a young girl trying to find her place in a world intertwined with what she once believed as myth. Whenever the publication is accepted and ensured, I will eagerly announce the news. Until then, I will still be continuing my journey and hope that my readers will continue to follow along on Sunset Dahlia!

Q: Why does blogging appeal to you? 

You know, blogging is actually quite difficult— and with the way that I go about documenting occurrences, it’s even more strenuous at times. I think the greatest aspects of it however, triumph over the difficulties. Because of Sunset Dahlia, my readers have easy access to my work. I’ve been able to network and really get my name out there and I love that blogging doesn’t just connect me to my writing, but it connects me to people as well.

Q: What does Sunset Dahlia mean?

It took me months to figure out the right name for the blog. I desired something that represented what I myself strive constantly to do or have been through. “Sunset” stands for the light that fades as darkness sweeps—a metaphor that happiness is fleeting. And “Dahlia” is a beautiful star-like flower— a symbolism of growth amid the darkness. Together Sunset Dahlia is the representation of how I’ve grown and of how so many others can understand difficulties of their own, if only they are willing to seek happiness at the end of it all.

Q: How did you learn to write so creatively?

To be perfectly honest, I feel that my writing comes directly from my heart, and that in doing so, it exhibits something not often seen by many. I do however, believe wholeheartedly that my writing will always need improving. I think when you have such unwavering passion in your craft, you want to hone it into something much more brilliant than you could ever expect it to be. With that said, writing has always been a part of me, even in times where I didn’t know I was utilizing it to help me. Somehow, from the day I learned to write and formulate coherent sentences, I have since documented troubles, joys, and nonsensical occurrences. I learned to write from my heart and become unafraid in showing the world how I sense and withstand; for some it’s creative, for others, it’s moving. For me, it’s life.

Q: What was your inspiration for creating the blog and what gives you the courage to write about such personal things?

I wanted to create a public portfolio of what I’m capable of writing. I wanted everything to be thoroughly thought out and handcrafted— from the pictures and material to the logo. I arrived at a point where I really wanted to make my work public and allow others in on a part of my life that should not just be seen, but felt. Someone I love very, very much, always yearned not just for me to be happy, but to follow my heart in whatever makes me so. She’s the inspiration for how heartfelt my writing has come to be, and even with her gone, her memory is a constant reminder of why I strive to be good and happy with who I am. In a time where I needed it, she was the only person to understand me, and her unconditional love has taught me to try to assist others in understanding that they aren’t alone in what they feel. Humans have gone through so much, but the worst of it all, is thinking that not one person out of 7 billion people, can understand how you feel. That kind of loneliness is what drives me to write to help others. And that is what Sunset Dahlia will always strive to do.

Here is to another year of articles, adventures, and unimaginable happiness! And of course my journey would be nothing without the support of my readers, so thank you. A million times, thank you.

-Kiran Bains Sahota


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