Left with Myself

Loss in any form tears the soul

The word itself cries out in an ironic sense

For it takes, yet it also fills

Emotions, turbulence, tempestuous sentiments


Sobs fill all the emptiness

Loneliness embowers what once was plentiful

I close my eyes and find you there

I open them, to find myself without


An aroma of butterscotch and orange marmalade

The murmurings of a foreign show

Nestled into the warmth of your beige cotton suit

Soft pinks lips curving upwards at me


Where did you go, my dearest being?

For you were sent to earth for a reason

Kindness, warmth, love

Here to spread what many struggle to


You held onto my hand

Like a bear to her cub

You tightened your hold

Radiating the strength of your grasp


When I had to let go, I lost grip on my world

I sought no better venture than that of grief and darkness

But how can a life of such brilliance and light

Be followed by something so callous and enraged?


No, it mustn’t be

For your memory will not be marred

Find me wherever you are and you will see

That the ink that marks my paper has brought you back to Earth


I close my eyes to find you there

I open them, to find myself without

In spite of what can never be

I will still carry you in my heart


-Kiran Bains Sahota


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