A New Year, A Fresh Start

It’s that time of year again: the beginning of a new one. The start of a new chapter. A new journey on the newly lit horizon. The first folio of your 365 (this year 366) paged book.

It’s all the typical cliches heard around this time of year.

Here’s something about me: I’m a tremendous supporter of cliches. Why? Well, they are defined as unoriginal thoughts, but much like individuals themselves, things are more profound than what they appear to be. I mean, there must be some significance as to why we say the same thing, right?

We tell ourselves that the new year is a new beginning, a time to change and become something better. But then we lose faith, and all that we had hoped would come  of the new time, becomes all for naught. It happens every year. We are determined to transform ourselves for the start of an untouched time.

We strive to maintain our smiles, continue with a positive attitude, and be healthy both physically and mentally. We push on, trudging through moments of anguish and strife, unsure whether or not we are capable of pursuing such grandiose notions of ourselves.

These periods are what test our capacity to withstand harsh challenges. It is within these trials and tribulations that we must triumph, brandishing ourselves capable of maintaining a new demeanor and the ability to resist any negative forces that dare attempt to vanquish our positive new outlook.

Alas, the struggles grapple us, taking hold and not letting go. Our hope fades and we strive to begin anew next year.

This usually occurs around January 2nd.

Believe me, I get it. I’ve been able to contain this fresh attitude for about a week and I am thoroughly impressed with myself.

I’ve been positive, and though I have run into plenty of trying moments in the past  few days alone, I realized something very important: they are just moments, and I want my happiness to last a lifetime.

When moods, emotions, and stubbornness get in the way, a simple concept such as happiness can actually appear convoluted and difficult to grasp. These negative emotions have conquered me time and time again, but I am through allowing myself to become enslaved by trivial matters. It is why I chose to change the way I think, and to laugh at the nonsense that ceaselessly raps at the door to my mind. And when you find yourself in this same predicament, with an unending pitter-patter of irrational annoyances, just do what I have learned to: refuse to answer.

Live this year with a courage and tenacity for life you hardly knew you were capable of containing. Discover joy in the tiniest of places. Find passion in what you strive to do. Love with all of your heart. Spread kindness. Smile.

Make this year a great one.

Don’t do it because you believe you must change to be better. Do it because you want to live happily and no longer feel obliged to allow pain and sorrow to torment you at every corner. Live simply to live.

I might have existed in the moment of a cliche, but it doesn’t make me shudder with the displeasure of copying others. Simply put: it was time for me to change, and it just so happens it was time for the year to do the same.

Happy New Year Everyone!

-Kiran Bains Sahota




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