Welcome to Sunset Dahlia

Glimmers of radiance come and then cease,

Then darkness falls and threatens to reap.

Though forever is an eternal flame,

Light cannot always remain the same.

It must flicker and dim until it is nothing but wick,

And the wax has melted, no longer so thick.

But when hope has rekindled so will the flame,

Its light burning much brighter, unable to tame.

For it is in darkness that we must learn to shine

All it takes is some hope, some love and some time.

A sun will keep shining no matter which star,

So never succumb to that which will mar.

Just think you’re the flower in which the sun has to feed,

It may leave you some times but will come when you need

Though that isn’t to say there is no light in the moon,

Light is in all and can be found where it’s strewn.

With all of my heart I hope I can mend

The hope that you need, for with my words I shall send

Experiences and passion to help life resume

Welcome to Sunset Dahlia, where life is in bloom.

-Kiran Bains Sahota


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